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All our products are shipped from our warehouse in Surat,Gujarat. 

Incense, known as agarbatti, holds a special place in Hindu rituals. Its calming aromas are believed to possess natural healing powers, aiding in relaxation and heightened concentration during various ceremonies and practices within the religion. Sourish Agarbatti is a best Agarbatti in India.

While incense sticks offer a longer-lasting fragrance, dhoop sticks produce denser smoke. Incense sticks are lit and their smoke is inhaled, whereas dhoop sticks are left to burn without being directly inhaled. you should try Sourish Premium Dhoop Cones.

Dhoop sticks are known for purifying the air and fostering a positive environment, serving various purposes in spiritual and meditative practices across India. you should try Sourish Dhoop Stick.

Sourish BackFlow Dhoop, a blend of pure herbs, cow dung, and Desi Cow Ghee, not only adds a pleasant aroma but also aids in conducting a mini havan during pooja ceremonies.

Sourish Agarbatti Dhoop Cones Boxes, including Rose, Mogra, Sandal, and Lavender variants, serve to cleanse the air and create a more positive atmosphere, finding use in spiritual and meditative practices in India.

Sourish Agarbatti Dhoop, an aromatic incense stick with a loban fragrance, enhances the prayer atmosphere, offering a natural scent that has become a common practice in many Indian households.

Consider the Sourish Agarbatti Stand, known for its high quality and durability. The Sourish Agarbatti stand serves multiple purposes, including during puja rituals, as home decor, in the office, and in the bedroom, making it an essential item for puja ceremonies.