5 IN 1 Agarbatti Jar/Incense Sticks Ratrani Champa Tulsi Jasmin Rajwadi 400gm


5 IN 1 Agarbatti Jar! Featuring Ratrani agarbatti , Champa agarbatti , Tulsi agarbatti, Jasmin agarbatti, and Rajwadi incense sticks, it enhances spiritual practices, relaxation, and ambiance. Elevate your space with versatile scents catering to various moods and occasions.


Discover a symphony of fragrances with our 5 IN 1 Agarbatti Jar! This assortment of Ratrani, Champa, Tulsi, Jasmin, and Rajwadi incense sticks in a 400gm jar offers an aromatic journey for spiritual practices and relaxation.


  • Multifaceted Fragrance: Experience diverse scents, from floral to earthy, catering to various preferences.
  • Spiritual Elevation: Enhances meditation, yoga, or relaxation sessions, creating a serene ambiance.
  • Aromatic Variety: Provides a range of aromas, suitable for different moods and occasions.


  • Spiritual Practices: Ideal for rituals, prayers, or creating a tranquil atmosphere for meditation.
  • Relaxation: Perfect for unwinding after a long day, filling your space with soothing scents.
  • Gifting: Share the gift of aromatherapy and tranquility with loved ones.

Transform your space with the versatile 5 IN 1 Agarbatti Jar! Indulge in the richness of various scents, fostering relaxation, spiritual elevation, and aromatic bliss.


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