Samundari jhag | Cuttlefish Bone | sea Fen | samander jhag | samudri jhag 100gm


Samundari Jhag (Cuttlefish Bone) with our 100gm pack. Rich in essential minerals, it supports overall health and promotes strong bones. Ideal for both humans and birds, its versatile powder form makes it perfect for various applications, from health supplementation to crafting. Embrace the marine goodness of Samundari Jhag.


Explore the oceanic treasure of Samundari Jhag, also known as Cuttlefish Bone or Sea Fen, with our premium 100gm pack. Sourced from the depths of the sea, Samundari Jhag is rich in essential minerals, making it a valuable supplement for overall health. Traditionally used for its high calcium content, it promotes bone health and aids in preventing osteoporosis. The natural composition of Cuttlefish Bone also supports the maintenance of a healthy beak and bones in birds. Additionally, its fine powder form makes it versatile for various applications, including crafting and art projects. Incorporate Samundari Jhag into your routine for a natural boost of marine goodness. Order now to experience the benefits of this oceanic gem for yourself.


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