Yellow Mustard Seeds for puja – Safed Pili Sarson For Pooja


Safed Pili Sarson, or Yellow Mustard Seeds for pooja, signify purity and spirituality. These seeds hold deep cultural significance, purifying spaces and invoking blessings during religious ceremonies, enhancing authenticity and sanctity in rituals.

Weight: 500gm

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Engage in sacred rituals with Yellow Mustard Seeds, known as Safed Pili Sarson for Pooja. These seeds hold profound significance, symbolizing purity and spirituality in religious ceremonies.


  • Spiritual Symbolism: Safed Pili Sarson signifies auspiciousness, purity, and divine blessings during poojas, elevating the sanctity of rituals.
  • Cleansing Properties: Incorporating these seeds in rituals purifies spaces, dispelling negativity, and attracting positive energies.
  • Traditional Reverence: Rooted in tradition, Yellow Mustard Seeds have a long-standing cultural importance, enhancing the authenticity and spiritual depth of poojas.


  • Pooja Ceremonies: Essential for various religious ceremonies, these seeds are offered to deities, symbolizing devotion and invoking blessings.
  • Spiritual Purification: Use Safed Pili Sarson for spiritual cleansing and sanctification of spaces, fostering a divine ambiance.
  • Offerings: These seeds are customary offerings during prayers, invoking divine favor and spiritual harmony.

Embrace the spiritual essence of Yellow Mustard Seeds in your poojas. Elevate your rituals, invoke blessings, and infuse your sacred ceremonies with the purity and divine essence of Safed Pili Sarson, fostering an atmosphere of reverence and spiritual sanctity.


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