Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra For Wealth buy online


Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra. Display for financial stability and career growth. This Yantra represents Goddess Lakshmi’s forms, attracting abundance and prosperity, ensuring material well-being and success.

Size: 7×7 Inch

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Experience opulence with the Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra, an emblem of wealth and prosperity. This Yantra amalgamates mystical symbols representing the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi, attracting abundance, success, and financial well-being.


  • Wealth Attraction: Invokes the blessings of Ashta Lakshmi, attracting wealth, prosperity, and financial stability.
  • Success Magnet: Promotes success in endeavors, enhancing career growth, and material prosperity.
  • Positive Influence: Radiates positive energies, ensuring financial well-being and abundance.


  • Home or Office: Display for attracting wealth and prosperity in personal and professional life.
  • Devotional Focus: Meditate or pray focusing on the Yantra for invoking Ashta Lakshmi’s blessings for wealth.
  • Gift of Prosperity: Present as a gift to loved ones, offering blessings of wealth and success.

Enrich your life with the blessings of prosperity using the Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra. Invite abundance, success, and financial stability as it channels the energies of Goddess Lakshmi’s forms.

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