Kusha Daabh stick for puja | Long Dabh stick for puja | 5 Sticks


Kusha Daabh sticks, 5 Long Dabh sticks crafted from sacred Kusha grass. Ideal for puja rituals, these sticks purify the ambiance with a natural fragrance, fostering a deep connection with the divine. Ward off negativity and invite positive energies into your spiritual space with the authentic tradition of Kusha Daabh.


Elevate your puja experience with Kusha Daabh sticks, also known as Long Dabh sticks, available in a pack of 5. Crafted for spiritual rituals, these sticks are made from the sacred Kusha grass, revered for its purifying properties. Lighting Kusha Daabh sticks during puja creates a serene ambiance, enhancing your connection with the divine. The natural fragrance of the Kusha grass imparts a sense of purity and tranquility to the surroundings. Ideal for various pujas, these Long Dabh sticks bring authenticity to your spiritual practices. The ritualistic use of Kusha Daabh is believed to ward off negativity and invite positive energies. Immerse yourself in the sacred tradition and order these 5 sticks for an enriched puja experience filled with the essence of purity and devotion.


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