Pure & Natural Sabut Badam, Whole Almond Shell, Puja Badam for Havan


akhi badam, Sabut Badam, Whole Almond Shell. These Puja Badam hold significance, adding purity to rituals. Elevate spiritual ceremonies with these sacred almonds, fostering a sanctified ambiance during havan rituals.

Quantity: 11 Pieces

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Elevate your havan ceremonies with our Pure & Natural Sabut Badam, Whole Almond Shell, revered as Puja Badam. These almonds hold profound significance, symbolizing purity and spiritual essence in rituals.


  • Sacred Symbolism: Puja Badam embodies purity, symbolizing divine blessings and spiritual sanctity during havans.
  • Positive Energy: The use of Whole Almond Shells purifies the ambiance, inviting positive energies and enhancing spiritual connections.
  • Cultural Significance: Rooted in tradition, these almonds hold cultural significance, enhancing the authenticity and spiritual depth of havan ceremonies.


  • Havan Rituals: Crucial for havan ceremonies, Puja Badam is offered as a sacred element, signifying reverence and invoking divine blessings.
  • Spiritual Purification: Utilize Whole Almond Shells to purify and sanctify spaces, creating an atmosphere conducive to spiritual practices.
  • Symbolic Offering: Incorporate Sabut Badam as an integral offering during havans, enhancing the ritual’s significance and sanctity.

Embrace the spiritual essence of Pure & Natural Sabut Badam, Whole Almond Shell, during your havan ceremonies. Elevate your rituals, invoke blessings, and infuse sanctity into these sacred ceremonies with the revered Puja Badam, fostering an ambiance of reverence and spiritual elevation.


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