Sesame Black Til Seeds for puja | Kala Til for puja


Kala Til, or Sesame Black Til Seeds, are vital for pujas, signifying purity and spirituality. Use these sacred seeds to invoke blessings, cleanse spaces, and offer reverence during religious ceremonies. Elevate your rituals with the divine essence of Sesame Black Til Seeds for a sanctified puja experience.

Weight: 100gm

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Sesame Black Til Seeds, commonly known as Kala Til, hold immense significance in puja ceremonies. These sacred seeds symbolize purity and are revered for their spiritual essence, enhancing the sanctity of religious rituals.


  • Sacred Symbolism: Kala Til carries deep spiritual symbolism, representing auspiciousness, purity, and divine blessings during pujas.
  • Positive Energy: Incorporating these seeds in rituals purifies the environment, dispelling negativity, and attracting positive energies.
  • Traditional Significance: Rooted in tradition, Kala Til has been used for centuries, symbolizing reverence and spirituality in Hindu rituals.


  • Puja Ceremonies: Essential for various religious ceremonies and pujas, these seeds are offered to deities, signifying devotion and invoking blessings.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: Utilize Kala Til for spiritual cleansing and sanctification of spaces, fostering an aura of sacredness.
  • Symbolic Offering: Include Black Sesame seeds as a customary offering during prayers, invoking divine favor and spiritual harmony.

Embrace the spiritual significance of Sesame Black Til Seeds in your pujas. Elevate your rituals, invoke blessings, and infuse your sacred ceremonies with the purity and divine essence of Kala Til, fostering an atmosphere of reverence and spiritual sanctity.


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